Portrait photography is about portraying the main characteristics of a person

Portrait photography –  a unique experience

Do you need to know someone well enough to take their portrait? Not necessarily and in fact there are many good portraits that can be taken of complete strangers that can be beautiful and powerful. However, in order to take photographs that are meaningful and relevant to you, it certainly does help a huge amount to know how you are. What are the key things that make you being the person that you are today? What do you value most and why? How do you see yourself and how do others see you?

As a portrait photographer, I genuinely love and care about people. I love hearing people’s stories. Learning about their lives and what makes them unique. I love seeing their reactions when they see their photos for their first time and them seeing how beautiful, strong, confident they really are.

Representing who you are today
Relaxed environment
Boutique experience
Variety of backdrops & locations
Unique wall art for your home

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