A thank you from Linda Sujeewon

Embark on a journey of self discovery. At Linda Sujeewon stylist, we genuinely care about our clients and we want to make a difference in their lives. We have gotten to know you and we offer the gift of photography to only a few selected clients. This is our way to say thank you and providing you with a meaningful gift. 

Alexis Jaworski at Hurst Studios shares the same values that we do. They love listening to their clients and understand what it is that they truly value in themselves and their loved ones. They then create beautiful wall art, so that every day you are reminded of how special and your family are. 

We have arranged for you to receive a gift certificate valued at £450 which includes a whole photographic experience at their studio and £200 credit towards any of their wall art collections. 


Do something to celebrate your loved ones

Decorate your home with wall art

Embrace and celebrate who you are today​

A boutique experience tailored for you

A Portrait Experience like no other

Family and Pet Photographer
Couple with a dog

What does it cost?

There is no cost associated to take part in this experience and you also receive a £200 credit towards wall art. During your consultation, Alexis at Hurst Studios will talk you through the range of wall art collections available

What is included?

A pre-session phone, zoom or in studio consultation

We will discuss all details regarding your photographic experience. What it is about you that you love the most and would love to see in your photographs.

Styling Advice

A conversation around wardrobe and to prepare everything for the big day. We want to take away the stress of what to wear and what to bring from you.

Full photography session

This includes your full photographic session, a break for lunch and then a review of your photos on the same day where you can choose your favourites

Cinematic photo reveal

A cinematic reveal of your photographs set to music so that you can enjoy your best photographs from the day

Design consultation and ordering

We will help you choose your favourite photographs and have the option to order and purchase whatever you choose. We can design mockups for you.

A unique experience

You will love this experience. It is about connecting emotionally with your loved ones and celebrating with wall art in your homes.

Are you ready for this unique experience?

How to apply?

Click the button below to submit your application

There are only 10 spots available for this project and applications will be reviewed.

If selected, we’ll be in touch to coordinate your consultation, appointment and photo shoot. We invite you to join our private Facebook group for our clients.

Hurst Studios is based in Hurst, Berkshire.

Apply today to avoid disappointment
Meaningful Portrait that capure the Essence of who you are

About Hurst Studios

Hurst Studios by Alexis Jaworski is one of the premiere  portrait photography studios in Berkshire and the South East of England.

We love capturing people and moments that matter. Moments that define who we are.. What does it mean to us, when our child runs to the door as we come home from a long day at work? Or what does it mean when our pet dog just lies next to us when they sense that we need affection? I love capturing those everyday moments that mean so much to us. 

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.” Wall art helps you reconnect with what is truly important, every day."

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