Commercial Photography: Interior Design Showcase

Interior Design Photography  Berkshire: A case study for Curve Workplaces

Just as the first measures of the UK lockdown eased, I was able to venture out in order to capture some gorgeous photographs for Curve Workplaces. Curve workplaces specialises in brining their clients vision to life by creating beautiful workplaces that are modern, stylish and ready to go. It was an interesting experience for me to get back to work after weeks of being in lockdown.  It was a great time to photograph interiors as there was hardly a soul in town. 

If you are familiar with Reading, we went to photograph in the centre of Reading at the Apex Plaza building. It is office space located just next to the train station. Curve Workplaces have been doing work over there and wanted to showcase some of their interior designs and components in order to publish some case studies. 

It was very strange arriving there with not many people around. I only met a couple of workers and a security guard as I was directed to the first suite  that I was photographing. The first suite was completely empty but ready to go for a small company to move in. In fact, as I finished photographing, there was a meeting taking place with the new tenants and their network engineer. 

photo of the atrium

The Atrium at Apex Plaza is full of light and beautiful to photograph. I love how the colours make it an inviting place to meet people and the sense of space

photo lamps
Interior photography berkshire

These are also some of the details that showcase the beauty of the reception area. Below is a gallery of more photos of the atrium for you to look at

photos of lamps
The first Suite

Below are some photos of the first suite that I photographed As mentioned above, the suite was fully ready for new tenants to walk in. 

The view of an unfurnished suite

These photos showcase how a suite looks that is ready to move into but without any future. it is massively spacious and overlooks the atrium

an empty office
an empty office

It is great to see how much space is available an to have a blank canvas for the tenants to choosethe intorior that they are looking for

We finally spent a few minutes taking photographs of a current project at Apex Plaza that Curve workplaces were currently working on