Headshot Photography in Berkshire

Are your photos representing the real you?

People buy people! Your clients want to get to know you and understand who you are before doing business with you. What sort of person are you and what do you stand for?


The buying process these days includes more than just selecting the product or service that you offer. Especially in the services industry, people want to know if they will like you straight away. Are you the person that they will e comfortable spending time with? Will they want to have you at their offices or homes? A headshot is more than just a profile photo these days. A headshot is very often the first impression that your clients get of you. 

Carefully crafted headshots also allow you to use and re-use them in your marketing. They are ideal to indicate: 

1. Points of view; 

2. Announcements;

3. Upcoming events; 

4. and a multitude of social media communications. 

It is time to show the real you so that your clients can warm up to you. Very often I have visited websites and the fact that I can’t see clearly who I would be dealing with has led me to just click onto the next website and click onto the next business that has some decent, up-to-date, warming and engaging photos. 

As a studio in Berkshire specialising in Headshot Photography, we work to bring the best in you through a relaxed process of getting to know you. We then look at what it is that you are wanting your clients to see and understand about you and then we give you advice on how to prepare for your upcoming session. 


Dad portrait
woman's portrait
Headshot of a man in purple shirt