You deserve something special, a daily visual reminder that empowers and celebrates you... You deserve to put yourself first and feel great

What's included in your Fabulous Over 40 Photographic Experience.


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Our Fabulous Women Over 40!

Here are just a few of the incredible women who have taken part in this empowering experience .

We would love for you to have a fun experience and to boost your confidence and feel amazing! To show the world that 40 is just a number! 
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Watch the video below to learn about the life-changing experience Liz had with us...

A few more details...

Getting to know you

Without a doubt, the best part of my work is getting to know my clients. In our initial consultation, I would love to hear about your story. We'll also discuss all the details for the day such as planning outfits and styles.

Professional hair & makeup

To excentuate your confidence even further I will be including a professional hair & makeup artist. They will be able to provide their service to the style we discuss in your initial consultation.

£150 Gift Certificate

I have a broad range of photographic products available to order after your experience. These range from smaller prints to larger pieces of wall art. As an extra bonus to this experience I will be including a £150 gift certificate to put towards your order on the day.

What to expect after your experience...

Feel confident again

Feeling confident is being happy with who we are. In your photographic experience, you will find the happiness you deserve and leave the studio a new person.

Show the world

Share your experience and your beautiful portraits with everyone. Prove to the world that being over 40 doesn't mean anything!

A daily reminder

Most importantly, display your stunning artwork throughout your home so that you have a daily visual reminder of the new confident you.

Don't just take my word for it...

Book your experience today to include hair & makeup and £150 to spend on your order.

Celebrate being over 40 with a fun and empowering photographic experience that you will never forget.

Your Photographer and Confidence Builder

Hi, I’m Alexis Jaworski from  Hurst Studios Photography. We love to see our clients feel empowered and confident after their experience with us! 

We often forget how beautiful and unique we are… You deserve something special, a daily visual reminder that empowers and celebrates you…..

A Hurst Studios Experience is about hitting the pause button and taking a minute to celebrate what makes us unique and to have a visual reminder of us looking at our best! 

So, join us at at our studio in Berkshire and prove that age is only a number.

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Fabulous Over 40 Photographic Experience

Age is only a number!