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You don't get a second chance to make a first impression.

You deserve professional headshots that represent the real you..

Headshots that look authentic and nautural
Headshots that instil confidence in your customers
Headshots you can utilise on your website and on social media

A Hurst Studios experience captures you at your best

How it works

1. Getting to know you

We'll take the time to understand what's important for you, how you wish to be represented. We will advise on the best format for your headshot experience

2. Photo Experience

When you book your shoot, we will advise ion what to bring and how to prepare in order to get the best photographs that represent you and your business

3. Same Day Reveal

Straight after your shoot, we will show you your photographs and choose those that best reflect your brief and goals.

4. Enjoy forever

We'll always advise on the best options based on your requirements. These photos will help improve your on-line presence


Alexis is more than just an excellent photographer. He has the knack of putting people at their ease, spotting the best shot, capturing the essence of the person and the scene. He has done lovely portraits for me and wonderful wedding photos for my daughter. I thoroughly recommend Alexis to anyone wanting special photographic memories
Female headshot
Katy L
Business professional
I booked a headshot session with him on one of his dedicated headshot days. Photographs of myself are not my favourite thing. Thankfully Alexis managed the entire process, from advising me on what to wear to explaining how and why he needed me to sit or stand in a certain way. He managed to calm my nerves and made me feel less self-conscious. The pictures speak for themselves. I would almost go so far as to say I enjoyed it!
Claire L
Musician & dog lover

How are we different?


Headshot photography is about understanding who you are as a person as a professional in your field. What do you bring to your company and how do we bring this to life in a photograph?

What are you clients looking for and what first impression are they looking for when considering doing business with you.

How do you want to be represented in the different mediums that we have at our disposal; a professional forum may require a different photograph than what is required for your company’s website.

I love to get to know you so that I can produce photographs that really portray you as an individual, a professional, an expert and a team member.

I have created headshots for both individuals and on behalf of companies and their staff. Form corporate companies to small business owners. From CEOs to martial arts teachers, yoga instructors and office workers, everyone deserves to be represented in a way that fits with who they are and how they want to be perceived.

Please get in touch today to schedule your headshot experience.

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