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Boudoir photographer Reading

I’m seeking women from Berkshire and surrounding counties who would benefit from a transformative and confidence-boosting boudoir photography session in our Berkshire studio.

You are beautiful, powerful, and unique. While everyone around you sees it, you may not. We create stunning portraits that reveal your authentic self—the version you’ve been waiting to discover. ❤️

Confidence is everything. With it, you can achieve anything. Without it, you may feel helpless and stuck. We often prioritize others over ourselves, never putting ourselves first. This is your chance to be selfish, to prioritize yourself, and to truly feel like YOU! 💃

I aim to do more than take pictures. I want to help you explore your confidence, whether you already have it or are looking to find it. As an expert in creating portraits, I specialise in empowering women to embrace their true selves.

Ten selected women will receive a gift certificate that covers their session fee and professional hair & makeup. The remaining balance can be used towards purchases of intimate, emotional and priceless artwork to proudly display in your home.

I can’t wait to have you in the studio and help change your feelings about yourself.


Would you love to feel your authentic self again? Apply using the form below.

We require your phone number for your pre-session phone call. This is when we get to know you, plan your experience, and answer your questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does my gift certificate include?

Successful applicants will receive a £450 gift certificate for their boudoir experience. This covers the session fee, valued at £300, including professional hair and makeup. The remaining £150 can then be used towards any life-changing albums or wall art you choose to purchase after your experience.

Where is my boudoir experience going to take place?

If selected, your experience will be at our studio space near Reading and Wokingham. Further details will be provided after you apply.

When will my boudoir experience be?

Applicants can use their gift certificate for bookings made before the 1st of July. We are one of the region’s most popular boudoir studios so please remember to book with us as soon as possible.

Is there a booking fee to pay?

Yes. A booking fee of £100 is required but please don’t let that be a barrier to your confidence. We charge our booking fee because the date and time are held exclusively for you. After your experience, we are able to refund your booking fee or you can use it as credit towards any purchases.